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Looking to Upgrade Your Guitar While You Have Time?

Like many during the "Shelter in Place" season we're in, we have turned our attention to working on our instruments.  Darrell Braun Guitar is one of our favorite YouTube channels.  Darrell is a great guy who is extremely talented and provides great content.  We have referred to his videos multiples times.  This video is one of our favorites.  We hope you enjoy and find it both inspiring and informative.  Stay well!  

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What to Do While in Quarantine?

Many musicians are stuck at home looking for a way to create music in community.  Today we ran accross JamKazam.  It is an amazing tool for keeping your distance per government instruction and yet brings you close enough via the internet and wonders of technology to play together with your bandmates without discernable latency. is free!  Definitely work a try!

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Fender Generously Offers Three Months Of Free Guitar Lessons

Fender released the announcement that they will be allowing their Fender Play site to be used for free during our current crisis.  You'll find it below.  This could be a great resource for those of us who are "Sheltering in Place" like we are here in California.  Fortunately as a small family business, we are still able to fulfill orders.  Keep playing music, we'll keep outfitting your pursuit of it! PLAY THROUGH. PLAY ON. With everything happening in the world, music has the power to connect us.We want to do our part to see you through – the way we know how. We’re offering 3 months of free online guitar, bass and ukulele lessons to the first 100,000 who sign...

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